Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Anthony Nolan !.Born 2nd December 1972,Adelaide,Australia

Well, having discovered that this little guy, who's existence on in world proved to be a catalyst for forming the Anthony Nolan Trust, is not,it seems,recorded in any online lists of "Famous and historic birthdays", i decided to mention it on my blog to make up for this.

Strange though, how people who sing,write songs or play sport seem to be held in such high public esteem and regard, and yet a small boy who suffered such terrible hardship, yet gave his mother the inspiration to form the worlds first international bone marrow donor register, is, for reasons best known to themselves,ommited from these "lists of famouspeople".

I appreciate that we live in a world that is obsessed with celebrity these days,you only have to switch on the TV to view masses of programmes with the word "celebrity" in their title, but isn't it only fair that we give recognition and due respect to those folk who may not be constantly in the public eye,but who have made a major impact none the less ?

Hopefully one of these "who was born on this day" sites will find this blog entry and amend their records,you never know :-).

Happy Birthday Anthony :-)

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